A Bear-y Cute Blanket

So, as you may know, I upped my nanna-ness recently by becoming hopelessly addicted to crochet. Hooked in fact (pun intended)!

I find it’s a wonderfully relaxing pastime that is, in my books, absolutely acceptable to complete in your jim jams (I would encourage it in fact!).

Finding out recently that some friends of ours are expecting a little bundle of joy later this year, I hopped to it and began my hunt for project baby blanket. After trawling through thousands of pins on Pinterest (my HAT is that thing addictive!!!), I stumbled across this adorable granny square pattern.

As soon as I spied it, I knew this was the one. I mean, how on earth could I pass up that much adorable-ness??

The pattern was simple enough to follow (once I found the English version at the bottom of the page), though I did jot it down in UK terminology as I get muddled fairly easily, so I much prefer to work with one set of crochet terminology. One day I might be fluent in UK and US, but for now my brain has decided UK is enough.

I used Panda Magnum Soft 8 Ply (not only for the cuddly sounding name, but because it’s super soft and full of snuggly goodness) and a 4mm crochet hook.

I wanted to try an invisible join for the squares, but found it looked a little odd, so I used a single crochet in a lovely lavender colour for the joins. I also did a single crochet border in the lavender before switching to a lovely, soft grey; finishing off the border with two rounds of double crochet.

I will admit that sewing the faces on was a bit of a labour of love. Although they look adorable (if I don’t say so myself), they were a little fiddly and a number of teddies had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery. A couple of times.

All in all, however, a positively adorable pattern!!! I can’t wait to pass this on to the lucky little lady!

Teddy Blanket First SquareTeddy Blanket 4 FacesTeddy Blanket Close Up FaceTeddy Blanket Close Up CornerTeddy Blanket Whole

See? It’s unbearably cute (…couldn’t help myself)