Snickerdoodles. Funny name, seriously tasty.

I think I’ve found my new favourite bikkie. In the whole world. If you’ve ever had a Snickerdoodle, then I know you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For those of you who haven’t, it’s like if a delicious cinnamon donut and a delicious buttery cookie fell in love and had a biscuit child, the Snickerdoodle would be it.

Starting with a soft, buttery beginning this dough was then expertly mixed by Bruce (my trusty assistant/KitchenAid) until it was light, fluffy and deliciously fragrant – not to mention very tasty (I tested this dough for quality control purposes….and also because I find it nigh on impossible to resist a taste of uncooked cookie dough).

After rolling out tablespoon-sized balls of these buttery beauties, these endearingly light bikkies then take a quick dip in a scrumptious cinnamon/sugar mix before being baked, making all my biscuit-y, donut-y dreams come true.

After a quick stint in the oven, these bikkies are crunchy  and golden on the outside and light and crumbly inside.

And not only are these Snickerdoodles (I will never tire of saying their name!) a breeze to make, with the addition of nutmeg to the biscuit dough mix as well, your kitchen will smell as delicious as these beauties taste; making them the perfect treat to whip up before visitors pop over. You watch them try and resist a bikkie that smells that good!!

This recipe comes courtesy of Nigella Lawson and can be found in her book How to be a Domestic Goddess, which you can buy here

Snickerdoodle PlainSnickerdoodle Cinnamon BathSnickerdoodle Close UpSnickerdoodle TraySnickerdoodle Baked

Though the batch makes about 30-odd, be sure to set some aside for yourself if sharing with others because they will be gone in a flash!!

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