My (not quite) long (enough) weekend.

With a couple of catch ups already planned, the long weekend was a near blank canvas waiting to be filled with all sorts of adventures. Or so I thought…

After trekking out in the horrid weather (it was raining in almost biblical proportions on Friday night), I spent Saturday staving off a sniffle and recuperating with a solid crochet and Downton Abbey sesh.

Though certainly not the most riveting part of my long weekend, after a solid day of resting/utter laziness, I was just about as fit as a fiddle for the rest of the long weekend.

And thank goodness because Oz Comic-Con was on and I heart Comic-Con. Like, big time. If not for the array of seriously talented artist’s work, then obviously for the cosplay. Oh the cosplay!!

Speaking of seriously talented artists, we also stopped by to pick up our very own copy of The Spider King.

Though I can’t take credit for making this, I can take credit for knowing the super talented writer Josh Vann.

A sci-fi/fantasy/action mash up of aliens and vikings set in The Middle Ages, The Spider King is not only a visual treat, but a darn good read too. Go on and treat yo’self to a copy of it here.

The Spider King

After soaking in all of the goodies at Oz Comic-Con, Hubby and I nostalgically travelled back to our time in New Orleans last year by tucking into a feast at Po Boy Quarter

Po Boy Quarter Sign

Po Boy Quarter Bar

And hot dayam was the food good! Truth be told, they had me at cheesy mac croquettes, but I persevered through the rest of the menu and settled on a deep fried chicken po boy (as well).

Cheesy Mac Croquette

**Disclaimer** in my state of elation at seeing these magical fried morsels arrive, I forgot to take a snap before I tucked in, so apologies for the half eaten croquette. Though in my defence, I think I showed tremendous restraint to stop myself mid-bite…

After well and truly eating myself into a food coma the night before, we decided to head outdoors and enjoy the last day of the long weekend by trekking around Sherbrooke Forest…and walking off those cheesy mac croquettes.

Though quite chilly and SUPER muddy, it was just beautiful!! I thoroughly recommend a trek up there some time; just be sure to pack your gumboots if there’s been even a skerrick of rain (hindsight is a wonderful thing…)

Sherbrooke 1Sherbrooke 2

So, I guess in closing all that’s left to say is…


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